Preparing for the SAT and ACT During The Summer

Taking the ACT or SAT is a stressful (and expensive) experience. The score that you get on that test determines which colleges will accept you, whether or not you can get scholarships, and more. If you are stressing out, fear not! There are many ways to study for these tests that will increase your score. Read on to learn how you can prepare this summer.

Set a Goal

Before you start studying, you should set a goal for yourself. Have you taken the test before and do you want to improve your score? Do you want to study a certain amount this summer? Or do you want to improve in a certain area, such as math or science? Make sure you set a goal that is measurable and attainable, or it may be difficult to reach it.

Use Test Prep

There are many online courses and even printed material, for free or for purchase, to help you study for the test. You should make a goal to tackle at least one practice question a day, every day during the summer. This will keep your brain sharp, and also help you prepare. If you would like, get a small group of friends together and study with them.

Take a Practice Test

Before you take the actual test, take a practice test so that you know what to expect. It will also help you know what to study before you take the actual test. You may need to build up your vocabulary, focus on math, or maybe you just need to learn how to relax on test day. In practicing for the test, you will also learn how to pace yourself. You can also memorize the instructions so that you don’t need to spend as much time reading them on test day.

Get a Private Tutor

If you would like a personal touch, a one-on-one tutor may be exactly what you need. They will help you discover exactly what you need to do in order to be prepared for the test. They will cater your lessons to your learning style and focus on what you need to learn.

Get Into Reading

Reading good books during the summer can help you keep your mind sharp and active. Pick classics like The Three Musketeers, anything by Jane Austen, 1984, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, etc. Reading boosts your brain, keeps you engaged, and will help with your vocabulary and reading comprehension during the test.