Fees & Waivers

Required Fees

Activities and ID Card

$25.00: Helps provide additional social and service activities and the costs associated with ID cards.

Optional Fees

Optional Chromebook Use Fee

$40.00: Allows students to use a school laptop for the school year. Students may use their own laptop provided it meets the tech requirements, such as having a webcam.

Optional Course-Specific Fee

$85-100: Concurrent Enrollment (CE) College Course Textbook fee. Fee for students enrolled in CE courses with required textbooks.

Per Student Annual Maximum Fee Amount for School Year:

  • Required: $25.00
  • Optional: $40.00
  • Optional Course-specific: +/-$100.00
  • Total: +/-$165.00

Approved Fee Schedule for 2021-2022 school year

Notice to Parents: Your student may be eligible to have one or more of their fees waived. For information on fees and fee waivers, please contact an administrator at Mountain Heights Academy and/or review the school fees and fee waiver materials on the School’s website: www.mountainheightsacademy.org. If your student files a fee waiver request with the School and the request is denied, you may appeal the School’s decision.

Please note that charges related to any loss of or damage to School property are not subject to fee waiver requirements. The current laptop replacement/damage cost is $200.00. Fees that are left unpaid will be assessed a $10.00 per month late fee.

Parents/Guardians can complete an application to determine qualification for fee waivers. Please fill out and return to the main office by mail, fax, or email.

Fees are not refunded, in part or in full, if a student withdraws from the Mountain Heights Academy prior to the end of the year. A late fee of $10 per month will be assessed if fees or charges for damages to school property are not paid when due. Replacement ID cards can be ordered for $5.00. If you have any questions regarding school fees, please email .

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