Are You Experiencing Study “Burnout”?

We love schooling, learning, and developing our minds, but everyone who’s ever been to school knows the frustrating feeling of burnout. Sometimes feeling stuck in a learning rut is inevitable, regardless of how much you love to learn. In the average school system, problems with classroom engagement usually stem from a student having either too little or too much time to connect concepts in their learning. This can lead to boredom, frustration, and many other negative emotions.

In the case of an online school, where a student has the chance to keep their schedule incredibly flexible and can choose to learn at their own pace, you’d assume this classroom setting problem would become a null issue. However, every student is susceptible to burnout, regardless of the classroom setting or subject interest levels.

What do you do then—as a parent or a student—to keep yourself engaged when you start to feel otherwise? An online school is a learning tool you should be able to enjoy wholeheartedly, even at the rare times you’re feeling less than inclined to study. Whether you’re enhancing your note-taking game or finding new ways to engage with your peers, here are some helpful types to keep your studies exciting and your mind refreshed.

Keep it Personalized

Never underestimate the power that personalization has over your perception. Sometimes, the simple act of writing notes in a notebook you enjoy taking out and using is enough to begin the base level of engagement. Use whatever resources you have on hand, or take a trip to get supplies that inspire. When so much of your schoolwork that comes from an online source stays directly on your screen, it can stifle the way you’re receiving that information. If you find this is the case for you, try printing out your materials. Not only does a physical copy come in hand in the case of reading materials, but it gives you the chance to make physical notes, annotations, or important highlights physically. That alone can jumpstart some positive responses to your studies.

Get Creative with Note-Taking

Although it is highly encouraged to keep notes on courses or modules in a safe notetaking app (there’s nothing quite as sad as misplacing handwritten notes you’ve taken on an entire lesson), there are ways to study concepts from those notes in an interesting way. Students accept and process information in a variety of ways. If you’re feeling stuck in your routine of working off of or rereading written out notes, why not try something different?

There are many strategies out there for note-taking, some may work for your learning style better than others. Start looking at your notes as an interesting and fun way to look back on topics while studying, and not a one-off copying activity. However, you decide to change your outlook on taking notes and studying them, remember that your note-taking should happen in about four stages. Note-taking, making, interacting, and lastly, reflecting. Ask yourself questions about any topic at hand that might be challenging to answer currently, but will be exciting to answer later.

Interaction at an Online School

Socialization and peer collaboration are vastly important for any student. The common misconception about an online school is that any sort of peer socialization is nearly nonexistent. Like any school, socializing is what you make it, but Mountain Heights Academy does its absolute best to give you various opportunities to engage while learning and outside of school. If you’re a student that’s feeling less than productive, or a little out of balance when it comes to the social aspects of online school, make sure to check out the extracurriculars and social activities happening at the academy.

With social events happening every other week, assignment collaborations, and programs that encourage student interaction, there’s always a friend to make and a peer to learn from. Remember to balance your social life with your schooling. Take breaks to meet with others, talk about how you’re feeling, and come back to your studies refreshed and ready to learn!