Credit Recovery and Original Credit Resources

Credit recovery is available for students in grades 9-12 who failed a core class while enrolled full-time at Mountain Heights Academy during the previous school year. Students can only enroll in credit recovery if they took the original credit class and received an F. Counselors will be double-checking each registration for accuracy.

Summer School Credit Recovery courses will begin in June 2021 with registration opening in May 2021.

Summer school students are required to provide their own computer for summer school courses. All school computers on loan from Mountain Heights Academy during the academic year must be returned at the end of Q4 in June 2020. There are no exceptions to this policy. Mountain Heights Academy classes can be accessed from any computer that has access to the internet, but students will not be successful when trying to complete classes on a personal cell phone.

Register for Summer Credit Recovery

Mountain Heights Academy

Mountain Heights Academy holds 4 credit recovery sessions during the school year for credit recovery of core classes. Each session lasts 6 weeks. The cost is $20 for each .25 credit. To sign up, click on the link that is provided by your counselor for each session.

Mountain Heights Academy Summer School takes place in June and July and allows students to make up credit in core class areas. The cost is the same as midyear credit recovery.

Brigham Young University Independent Study

BYUIS is now offering core and elective credit recovery classes. The course costs $30. They have unit pretests that prescribes an individualized student learning path with a mastery-based approach. There is also a comprehensive final exam. Visit their website or call (801) 422-3510 for more info. They also offer semester original credit classes for $90-100.

Northridge Learning Center

The Northridge Learning Center is a packet make-up program. They have several locations across the state. The cost is $50 for each .25 credit. They have packets in all of the graduation requirement categories. Students may go into the location nearest them and sign up. They are given a packet to complete, and then return it and take a final test. Northridge does also provide original credit for a letter grade. 

Granite Peaks - Connections High School

Connections High School is the alternative school of Granite School District, but will allow any student to make up credits there. The school counselor does need to give permission, through either a phone call or letter. Cost varies, but approximately $45 per .25 credit.

East Shore

East Shore Online High School is from Alpine School District. We have had students complete work there in the past. However, they have changed recently, and seem the cost has definitely risen. The first course is $110 (for registration, materials, tech fee, etc.)

Canyons Virtual High School

Canyons School District has a virtual make-up option. $35 for each .25 credit. 

Testing Centers

Davis Regional Testing Center
Districts Served: All districts north of Davis County
Phone: (801) 402-5385

Granite Regional Testing Center
Districts Served: All districts south of Davis County
Phone: (385) 646-6042