Creating Your Ideal Space for Studying

Digital learning offers several advantages for middle and high school students. It is highly flexible and can be tailored to a variety of life circumstances, while empowering students to take responsibility for their work. It also gives students the flexibility to create their own personalized study spaces.

A personalized study space is essential for success in any type of online education. Here are some of the fundamental elements of an ideal study space.

Create a Dedicated Space

While online education allows you to take your learning virtually anywhere, the best study spaces are consistent and easy to access whenever you need them. One of the greatest advantages of creating a dedicated space for studying is that it can be helpful when recalling information. As we discussed in this article, when you recall information in the same place where you learned it, it will be easier to remember. So ultimately, having a dedicated study space can help you perform better on your exams.

Remove Distractions

Your study space should also be distraction free. Identify what distracts you from your work and eliminate them. If dirty dishes bother you, for example, take your studies away from the kitchen and into a clean room. If you find background music distracting, make sure that you are far enough away from the TV or radio. If you find too much silence distracting, create some ambient noise by turning on music in the background.

Use Study Space for Schoolwork Only

Your study space should be separate and distinct within your home, but don’t use your study space for non-school related tasks. You might be tempted to do your schoolwork from the comfort of your living room sofa, for example, but this may make it difficult to separate work and play in your mind.

Stock It With Appropriate Supplies

Make sure your study space contains all of the supplies you need for your online education. If you like taking notes on paper in addition to working online, keep a pen or pencil and plenty of paper handy. If headphones help you eliminate ambient noise, keep those on hand as well. Additionally, keep a comfortable chair, a desk lamp, a timer, and your power cord close at hand at all times.

By following these four recommendations for a fabulous study space, you are well on your way to finding success as a student in an online setting.